Outplacement Services

Take care of your people, whichever direction they’re going

Layoffs can be stressful for everyone involved: departing employees, coworkers, and management.

Our Career Transition Service helps reduce departing employees’ stress and stabilizes the environment for remaining employees and management. Services include:

  • On-Site Emotional Support Following Employee Exit Meeting
  • Career Counseling and Recovery Guidance
  • Career Search Tools, Resources, Workshops, and One-on-One Training
  • Resume Writing Assistance and Interview Coaching
  • Structured Candidate Marketing to Potential Hiring Managers and Active Job Openings
  • Ongoing Employee Checkpoint to Advice and Support
  • Monthly Progress Tracking and Reporting for Client Company

Let Mosaic assist with this difficult situation, allowing your organization to support departing employees and demonstrate your company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen.

To learn more about outplacement services call 405.858.8800 to speak to a HR representative.

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