Social Media Manager

Job ID: CP2714731710
Job Type: Permanent
Job City: Oklahoma City
Job State: OK

Why You'll Love this Social Media Manager Job
  • Join this subsidiary of a private foundation that strives to give access to tools and resources families need for their children
  • Ability to join an organization that is fully dedicated to walking with each family and educating them in each step of their journey  
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Organization invests in employees professional development and provides the resources needed to successfully manage role 
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Expand organization’s presence on social media platforms and implement best practices on audience engagement 
  • Represent the mission and values of the organization throughout all social media platforms and ensure that all content aligns with company policy 
  • Monitor social media platforms and strategically plan content efforts to ensure optimal reach 
  • Bachelor’s Degree required 
  • Strong background in social media and digital communications 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously 
Equal Opportunity Employer
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