Recruiting Coordinator

Job ID: SS366359625
Job Type: Permanent
Job City: Oklahoma City
Job State: Oklahoma

Why You'll Love this Recruiting Coordinator Job
  • Unique holiday policy allows you to take off holidays most relevant to you, in addition to company-standard holidays
  • Key role in a high profile company
  • Numerous opportunities for growth
  • Employee-centered environment
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Play an integral role in the design and implementation of organization's recruiting strategy 
  • Advertise job openings on appropriate platforms i.e. career websites, university job boards, etc. 
  • Complete candidate interviews and provide appropriate paperwork for new hire onboarding 
  • 1+ years' experience working in a recruitment role 
  • Proficient using Paycom platform a plus
  • Experience managing high volume recruiting efforts is a plus 
Equal Opportunity Employer
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