Director of People and Culture

Job ID: CP4077127717
Job Type: Permanent
Job City: Oklahoma City
Job State: OK

Why You'll Love This Director of People and Culture role
  • Ethically-run company in business for over 50 years
  • Company encourages a true balance between work obligations and home life
  • Enjoy benefits far above average for most companies, and various fringe benefits as well
  • Company culture supports a mission of employee growth and development
  • The Human Resources team within this organization is viewed as being on the employee's side, maintains flexibility to make decisions based on circumstances rather than rigid policies
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Maintains strategic focus of HR practices and industry trends, and state and federal legislation to maintain company compliance
  • Manages a team of HR professionals, guiding, developing, and leading them through example and sharing knowledge
  • Acts as change agent within organization, partnering with various department heads for buy-in and relationship building
  • Bachelor's degree required, Masters degree a plus! 
  • PHR or SPHR preferred
  • 8+ years' experience in Human Resources
  • Strategic focused HR Partner with a forward-thinking mentality
  • Ability to think outside of the box
Equal Opportunity Employer
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