Content Marketing Manager

Job ID: SS788555116
Job Type: Permanent
Job City: Oklahoma City
Job State: OK

Why You'll Love This Content Marketing Manager Job
  • Join a dynamic organization that uses innovative technology to serve individuals across the country 
  • Ability to work gain diverse experience working with numerous industries 
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Support company brand by executing marketing initiatives to drive sales and revenue 
  • Create content and communication outlets for organization and track progress and trends for optimization 
  • Manage and collaborate with multiple in-house and outsourced teams on marketing initiatives 
  • Creating a unified message across the organization
  • Bachelor's Degree required 
  • 5+ years' experience in marketing required, including marketing content from concept to completion 
  • Experience writing for audiences across the nation
  • Ability to analyze data points to identify changing trends within the market
Equal Opportunity Employer
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