Account Executive

Job ID: RB167687124
Job Type: Permanent
Job City: Oklahoma City
Job State: OK

Why You'll Love this Account Executive Job
  • This is an exciting opportunity to join the Largest Leadership Company in Oklahoma 
  • Join a team that helps other companies create a positive corporate culture for employees
  • This position will get a wide-array of experiences
Job Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Generates and follows leads that result in new streams of revenue
  • Meets with potential clients to discuss their needs and requirements
  • Collaborates with client leadership to develop strategies that serves the client’s needs and budget
  • Shows responsibility, trustworthiness and strong initiative to find new clients
  • B.S. in Communications, Marketing, Human Resources or related discipline preferred
  • Two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Previous sales and/or business consulting experience strongly preferred
  • Experience working with mid to large companies and high level leadership roles
Equal Opportunity Employer 

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