About Us

In every organization, every person matters


We chose the name, Mosaic Personnel, because we love the idea of mosaics. To create a beautiful mosaic requires numerous individual pieces to be placed intentionally in the right place. Being a part of the whole enhances the value of the individual pieces. In addition, the diversity of each piece of the mosaic adds to its depth and beauty. When creating a mosaic, every piece matters. When building a great organization, every person matters.

Just as an artisan must have a vision of what they are seeking to create, leaders must have a vision for the culture they are trying to create. With each person hired, a leader shapes the present and future of their organization. An essential component in building a strong culture is the ability to consistently recruit, hire and retain talented and committed people.

The History of Mosaic Personnel

Pam Fountain-Wilks founded Principal Technologies, Inc., in 1998. A respected business leader with a passion for promoting ethics and service, Pam built a vibrant business that focused on meeting the staffing needs of the IT industry. As the company grew, the industries served expanded as well. In time, Principal Technologies provided recruiting services for multiple industries including: Accounting, Engineering, Human Resources, IT, Administrative and Nonprofits.

In 2009, Dr. Nathan Mellor and Frank Smith founded Strata Leadership, LLC. Frank and Nathan were both deeply interested in the concept of workplace culture and the impact made in organizations through effective leaders. As a result, they wanted to create a company that could help individuals, teams and organizations by providing access to: assessments, executive coaching, curriculum, training programs and strategic planning services.

As the company grew, clients routinely asked for assistance in “finding great people” and “telling our story.” In response to these needs, the principals of Strata purchased Principal Technologies, Inc. on January 1, 2016. Principal Technologies was renamed Mosaic Personnel on September 1, 2016.

In the summer of 2017, Frank took over as the President of Mosaic. Frank’s ability to work with leaders to ensure they are creating a healthy workplace culture and his vision that each person hired plays an integral role in the future of an organization is why Frank is a great fit to lead this firm. Frank has over 25 years of experience as a business owner in a variety of industries that he is happy to use to help our clients.

In 2018, Frank completed the UC – Berkeley Executive Coaching Certification Program to become a certified executive coach. The program focuses on developing coaches who excel at the critical soft skills leaders require today – including empathy, professional intimacy, leadership presence and effective communication skills. Frank chose Berkeley because their goal is for participants to learn to engage the heart and mind of the person they are coaching.


Our Methodology

Frank believes that at the root of a great culture is the understanding of the balance between character and competence that allows an organization to run well. This belief is the reason for Mosaic’s focus on hiring for both character and competence. Mosaic will not look at a resume and assume a job fit based on competence alone. Because of our intimate understanding of business culture we always look at the character piece as well to ensure we place the right person in the right organization. We call it Connecting the Pieces.

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