We, at Mosaic Personnel,  are committed to creating and sustaining learning environments which promote understanding and action for Racial Justice, Equity, and Diversity & Inclusion.  We recognize learning and changing requires dialogue.  We invite you, our colleagues, clients, and friends to join us on this journey to be a better example as we continue to more fully serve our communities.  We are committed to being part of the solution by leading change through identifying actionable steps, not being silent, and working together to help improve our communities and our world.     

Meet Mosaic Personnel Solutions

In a mosaic, every piece matters.
In an organization,
Every Person Matters.


Looking for people to join your team? Discover how we can help provide talent for your company.


Wanting to reduce the amount of turnover in your employees? We have several resources to help.


Employment changes are never easy. Learn more about how we can help with our Talent Transition Services.

What we Do

Cultures and Careers

At Mosaic Personnel, we help:


  • Build a team that best represents your mission and vision
  • Reduce turnover and improve transitions
  • Engage and retain loyal, hard-working staff

Job Seekers

  • Find a company you can grow with
  • Match you with a business that values your skill set
  • Provide you with resources to aid in your search

Resources & Information

Useful Resources for Job Seekers & Employers

Job Seeker Resources

These resources will allow you to be more effective and accelerate your job search.

Employer Resources

These resources will help improve your hiring process and allow your organization to attract better talent.

“You have been an excellent company to work with. Very responsive, dedicated to the mission, and easy to coordinate actions with. I appreciate everything you have done for the team.”

Hiring Manager

“…The commitment, expertise, and professionalism demonstrated throughout the hiring process were truly outstanding, resulting in a remarkable outcome that exceeded our expectations…”

Heather Wilson

Chair of Human Resources Committee, Allied Arts Oklahoma City

“…I know a lot of big businesses don’t want to go through the hiring process so they hire firms like Mosaic to weed through the applicants for them. It’s a win-win for everyone. And for anyone reading this, the best part, it didn’t cost me a penny….

Becky M.

Placed Candidate

“…[My recruiter] gave me the tools I needed to go into the interview prepared. I was a little nervous but I made it through. I would definitely recommend Mosaic to everyone I come across….”
Alycia H.

Job Seeker

Contact Us

11600 Broadway Ext. Ste. #220, Oklahoma City, OK 73114

M-F: 8am-5pm, S-S: Closed

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