Am I Getting Laid Off?

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Am I Getting Laid Off: An Interview with an Oklahoma Job Market Expert

It’s already mid-January and many Oklahoma workers are concerned with the possibility of a layoff. In a state that’s heavily dependent upon a healthy energy industry, these low oil prices turn up mixed emotions. Bobbi Bailey, SVP of Mosaic Personnel, provides some insight below on the most frequently asked questions about first-quarter layoffs.

I’ve heard on the news that several companies are considering laying off employees. How do I know if I’ll be affected?

Each year, the first quarter brings news report after news report about layoffs.Some of the reports overemphasize or dramatize the nature and amount of layoffs. Okay, most of the reports. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Mass Layoffs Summary from 2013 helps to clarify the information. The report wrote that, “Business demand factors, primarily contract completion, accounted for 39 percent of extended mass layoff events…” Contractors know their contract dates, and are typically aware that the project is coming to a close. Luckily, they have had time to start searching for their next position.

Seasonal workers are another group heavily affected by first quarter layoffs—just think of all the extra employees retail stores have during the holiday shopping season to help us frivolously spend our money. “Layoffs due to the completion of seasonal work accounted for 28 percent of events…” The seasonal worker is hired with the idea that they will only be employed through Christmas shopping season.

Over ⅔ of first quarter layoffs are contract and/or temporary, seasonal employees who (should) have prepared prepared mentally and fiscally for the situation.

I’m not a contract employee. Am I safe from layoffs?

Unfortunately, some people who aren’t prepared will still be affected by layoffs. This year, the oil prices may affect many Oklahoma companies. If you work in any area related to or reliant upon the energy industry, you should be watching closely for signs of company health. This includes big energy companies, but could also affect logistics companies, software companies (who create products for that industry), distribution facilities, and even civil engineering firms.

What do I do if I get laid off?

We’ve already had a few people call us saying their company laid off workers just after the new year. So, here are some ideas to handle that situation if it happens to you:

  • Network, network, network.  Reach out to your friends and family.  Use social media to your advantage to let people know, in a positive way, that you are in need a of new career opportunity.

  • Update your resume.  The beginning of the year is a perfect time to update your resume with the new skills you’ve learned. Document the cool, cost-saving projects you’ve been involved with, and add any training you’ve had this year.

  • If your company uses an Outplacement Service—take full advantage of it.  The company paid for the service and it will be helpful for you.

  • Be positive.  Or, at least don’t be negative.  It is understandable that you are frustrated and upset, but speaking negatively in interviews about previous employers is ALWAYS a turn off and will nearly always lose you the job.

  • Last, but not least, interview and register with a recruiting firm! We can help you with project work to pay the bills while we continue to look for that awesome, full-time career opportunity.

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