You could owe up to $975 this year if you lack healthcare coverage for you or your family. So, should you consider that contract job offer? Yes, but first...
The key to make your resume to stand out is to showcase your accomplishments. What did you do to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the company’s bottom line? You may think it sounds lik
When deciding whether to apply for a job, any number of questions may run through your mind. Does this sound familiar: “Do I qualify? What have I heard about the company? How far is that commute? Do
If my current employers judged me for who I was when I was younger, I would likely not be where I am now. Each of us is human; we’ve made mistakes in our careers, and decisions we are not proud of.
Recently, I had a client, a CFO, come to me and say “I need an accountant that is heavy in IT. I guess what I’m really looking for is a unicorn”.  In the recruiting industry, we cal
This is the story of my real-life adventure learning the basics of project management while managing a software migration. Recently, we migrated our applicant tracking system. For most of our team, th
In the past few decades, Oklahomans have weathered numerous ups and downs, cyclical changes and company transitions impacting our work lives. What goes up will eventually come down. We’ve seen this
There are challenges in any job search, but did you know that career longevity can hurt your chances of landing a new job? It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you’ve been at one company for
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Am I Getting Laid Off: An Interview with an Oklahoma Job Market Expert It’s already mid-January and many Oklahoma workers are concerned with the possibility of a layoff. In a state that’s