20 Underutilized Action Words to Include on Your Resume

The key to make your resume to stand out is to showcase your accomplishments.

What did you do to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the company’s bottom line? You may think it sounds like bragging, but a hiring manager wants to know what value you bring. The best way to help them imagine the impact you could have at their company is to show them your accomplishments at other companies. Your resume is your first impression, so make it a good one, and always back it up with tangible examples.

Here are some fantastic action words to use on your resume to land a job interview:


  • Generated an additional $1.5M in revenue through new target markets
  • Generated reports that helped identify $100,000 in waste


  • Defined departmental best practices
  • Defined new processes to save sales producers time, allowing them to work and close more deals

Improved/ enhanced

  • Improved team morale, resulting in a 10% decrease in turnover
  • Enhanced existing systems through upgrades in technology, resulting in better automation and saving team members time


  • Integrated internal technologies with 3rd party applications, saving the company $50,000 in outside consulting fees


  • Implemented Lean continuous improvement initiatives, resulting in an 18% reduction in customer returns
  • Implemented new safety training program, resulting in 0 workers’ compensation claims during my 5 year tenure


  • Mentored 4 junior team members


  • Established HR practices to standardize employee performance reviews
  • Established relationships with 35 new suppliers


  • Developed application for over 500,000 users across the US


  • Documented application architecture
  • Documented manufacturing and assembly procedures for 17 new product lines


  • Increased departmental efficiency by 112%


  • Decreased delinquent payment balance by $250,000


  • Designed systems architecture
  • Designed new facilities layout for 620,000 square-foot facility


  • Organized company-sponsored events for up to 250 guests
  • Organized internal audit processes, resulting in 3 years of satisfactory external audits


  • Led 10 developers in over 300 separate projects
  • Led team of 5 managers with a combined 125 direct reports


  • Initiated tracking methods within the department to analyze expenditures for ROI
  • Initiated college outreach program, bringing in 15 new interns in 3 years


  • Launched company wellness program, impacting 2,500 employees and their spouses
  • Launched new website with virtually 0 down time


  • Identified 3 new target markets, resulting in revenue increase of $250,000
  • Identified 3 new employees that became top performers within 1 year of their hire date


  • Expanded the department by 250%
  • Expanded into 6 new market verticals


  • Researched potential suppliers to develop cost and quality comparisons for management team


  • Trained groups of up to 25 on company health and safety policies

Wherever possible, demonstrate the effect of your actions using numbers. Having trouble quantifying your resume? Ask yourself, “What was the result?”

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